Bright Futures Breakfast

The Bright Futures Breakfast occurs twice a year, to raise funds for the Bright Futures Scholarship, to be able to extend its reach to multiple students each year.

Below are the 2020 event dates:

  • Thursday 12 March 
  • Wednesday 25 November

Information on these events will be updated approximately 2 months prior to each event.


 Damascus College seeks to extend the Bright Futures Scholarship opportunity to more than one Year 7 student per year with your help.   Proceeds raised will support this worthy scholarship fund, in order to extend its reach to multiple students each year.  If you would like to financially contribute to the Bright Futures Scholarship please give now  

BRIGHT FUTURES SCHOLARSHIP (Primary School Principal Recommendation only)

When families are in crisis, disaster strikes or financial disadvantage is overwhelming, keeping kids in school and on track to succeed can be challenging, if not impossible. Around the world, 124 million children and youth are out of school. We believe that a brighter future starts with an education and giving a child the opportunity to thrive at Damascus College is the aim of the Bright Futures Scholarship.
Established in 2018 the Damascus College Bright Futures scholarship sponsored by the Sisters of Mercy (John Thirsk Estate), Fr Brendan Davey and Damascus College, is for the purpose of supporting students and families who are experiencing financial or personal disadvantage, and who demonstrate a strong commitment to social justice activities and contribute to their local community, but may not otherwise be able to access a Catholic education.

This scholarship is awarded annually to one incoming Year 7 student for 50% tuition relief, and is awarded for the duration of a student’s enrolment at Damascus College (maximum of 6 years).

To be considered for this scholarship, Primary School Principals support/endorse one Grade 5 student per year from their Primary School community.

Applications open on 7 October 2019 and close on 14 February 2020.

Application Form available to Primary School Principals only.  One application per Primary School will be considered via Principal endorsement.

A bit about the scholarship benefactors…

John Thirsk was a notable sports journalist who was cared for by the Sisters of Mercy as a result of family tragedy.  The Sisters of Mercy provided John with an education and a safe place for him to return throughout his life.  He considered the sisters as family and his gift to them was to enable them to provide for others the support that they offered to him. The Sisters have entrusted these funds to Damascus College.

Fr Brendan Davey grew up in Ballarat and was priest of the Diocese for over 60 years.  Fr Brendan always had a great empathy for human vulnerability and valued the gift of education. Upon his death he gifted Damascus College with funds to enable Catholic education to be made available to young people who may not otherwise be able to access it.

The Bright Futures scholarship honours the Christian spirit that prevailed through the work of Fr Brendan as a priest of the Diocese and the Sisters of Mercy of Australia and Papua New Guinea.

To see eligibility and selection criteria, please DOWNLOAD THE INFORMATION FLYER: