24hr EBT in Wonthaggi
Posted: 27-Mar-2019

Great show with EBT in Wonthaggi

Carbon fibre has a soundtrack all its own. Eighty three human powered vehicles largely constructed from this space age material, circulating a 1.4 km track for 24 hours. There’s a rather pleasant thrumming and echoing sound that gets in one’s head and is hard to forget… rather like the memories of the weekend just spent with wonderful Damascus students and volunteers at the Wonthaggi GP 24 hour.

Damascus College Energy Breakthrough Team (DCEBT) designed, built and raced “Speedy Too”..an increasingly rare trifecta of achievement’s as more teams elect to purchase a commercially built machine. A lot happens in a 24 hour race. Great riding from all our senior students, in one instance moving us from a starting position of 41st on grid up to 14th in the space of an hour and a half. New students experiencing their first race and extending their time in the vehicle from twenty minutes initially up to one hour and forty. Pit crew responding efficiently and courageously at 3am to repair enormous and potentially race finishing damage from a rollover. Volunteers loaning equipment and giving freely of their time and vehicles. And all done with a sense of comradery, an atmosphere of encouragement and a fine work ethic. These are the hall marks of DCEBT.

And the results? Despite the huge range of ages and experience (Yr7 to 12), and the amount of time we spent in the pits (over 2 hrs in total fixing damage from impacts), the students rode 544 kms in the 24 hour period, finishing 13th in our class. It’s a long way from Ballarat to Wonthaggi: the team effectively rode the same distance from Ballarat to Wonthaggi and back, and, halfway back to Melbourne!
It’s humbling and a blessing to be involved with such a fine group of students and volunteers.

Click here for an 'in-vehicle' video around the track.

We are grateful for the support that Damascus College has for the program and thanks to the many staff and parents who have helped or shown an interest as we rebuild DCEBT.


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