Blessing of the Boats
Posted: 20-Feb-2019


On Wednesday 13th February the Damascus College rowing program held a blessing of the boats at Lake Wendouree, where we welcomed the acquisition of two new boats named MARGARET ISOBEL I & MARGARET ISOBEL II.

These boats are the first and only new boats, new racers that Damascus has been able to acquire.

Fr Brendan Davey was a parish priest here in the Diocese of Ballarat for all of his adult life. He passed away in August of 2016 and is remembered as a pastoral and generous man who spent his life in the service of others.

Brendan’s estate was largely an inheritance that he received from his own aunt and Godmother Margaret Isobel Walsh, Brendan’s mother’s sister.

Fr Brendan left money to Damascus and his wish was that a boat be named the Margaret Isobel. Damascus College has been able to add to the gift that was provided by Fr Brendan to achieve two racing boats, each are honouring Fr Brendan’s wishes.

Margaret Isobel Walsh was known as Isobel. She was the nurse of a prominent Melbourne surgeon, she also nursed in PNG in the 2nd world war.

While Fr Brendan was the beneficiary of her estate, out of her great affection for him, Fr Brendan did not prosper form the gift he received. Instead he made that gift grow to provide opportunities for others.

We thank Margaret Isobel Walsh and Fr Brendan Davey for this extremely generous gift, and know that these two boats are a welcome addition to the growing Damascus rowing program.



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