ECSIP VIC 2018 - Parent Survey
Posted: 16-Apr-2018

Parent Survey

The Enhancing Catholic School Identity Project (ESCIP) is with us. ESCIP offers a tool to help us understand the Catholic culture of our college. But how is Catholic identity described in the tool? In recent weeks we have introduced two of the three scales that are used in the tool.

The final approach of ECSIP is known as the Melbourne scale. This is a scale that relies on the passage of time and reflects on approaches to Catholic identity from the more distant past and more recent approaches or possibilities for Catholic identity. How much do we long for the past? What kind of future do we imagine for catholic identity in our schools?

There is a short YouTube animation that explains this: 

It is now time to take complete the series of tools. This process is explained in the following document: ECSI VIC 2018 Survey Instructions for Parents:

ECSI VIC 2018 - Survey for Parents ECSI VIC 2018 - Survey for Parents (229 KB)

Please make time as soon as possible to complete the survey and contribute to our understanding of Catholic identity.

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