VCE Unit 3 & 4 - Special Examination Arrangements
Posted: 06-Feb-2017

VCE Unit 3-4 Examinations – Special Examination Arrangements (SEA) 

Parents and students are advised that Special Examination Arrangements may be approved (at the discretion of the VCAA, provided eligibility criteria and application deadlines are met) to meet the needs of students who have ongoing and verifiably identified disabilities, illnesses or other circumstances that would affect the ability for any student to access the VCE examination/s in their Unit 3-4 subjects, including the GAT exam.

Typical categories of conditions that may qualify for Special Exam Arrangements are:

• severe health impairment (diabetes or other diagnosed medical condition that may impact performance)
• significant physical disability (loss of mobility or other orthopaedic injuries or conditions)
• hearing impairment
• vision impairment (dyslexia or other vision impairment)
• learning disability (Reading/writing or other known learning disorder)
• severe language disorder (speech or other language impediment)

How do I apply for Special Exam Arrangements on such grounds?
Families are advised to email or make phone contact with the VCE Co-ordinator as a matter of urgency, so as to receive an information pack and SEA application form for completion.

The completed SEA application form must be returned to the College by Monday, 27th February 2017 at the latest, in order to facilitate the processing of a timely application on behalf of the student concerned. This application process will involve you sourcing information from qualified medical or other professional personnel about the condition/s in question relating to your student son/daughter and in support of their application, and may in some cases (depending on the arrangements being applied for) require some internal testing etc. to be carried out for the VCAA, these things all take time so prompt action is vital in this regard.

Please note that without the timely completion of this process and the approval of the VCAA, Special Exam Arrangements cannot and will not be approved; students may be placed at a disadvantage in their exams as a consequence. The College cannot approve these arrangements for your student.

Should you require further information about this important aspect of the VCE please do not hesitate to contact Mr Matthew Hallowell, VCE Co-ordinator, to discuss a possible application and to receive an information package as part of this process. Email: or phone College reception.

Matthew Hallowell

VCE Co-ordinator

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