Western Bulldogs Leadership Program
Posted: 20-Feb-2019

Youth Leadership Project

The Western Bulldogs Youth Leadership Project is a dynamic youth leadership and development program for young people in the West, aged 14-16 years old. The 6-month program provides local young people with hands on opportunities to learn from respected industry leaders and build capacities in Personal Growth, Social Leaderships, Emotional Intelligence and Community Engagement.

Nominations for the Western Bulldogs Leadership Program are closing on 28th February.

Young people will meet fortnightly, with each workshop focused on developing a range of life skills that work towards shaping strong, community minded young leaders.

The Youth Leadership Project will bring to light social issues facing the youth; Gender Equality, Mental Health, Cyber Bullying and Social Inclusion.

Please click here for nomination. For more information about the program, please visit the Western Bulldogs Website.

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